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Maven Analytics Data Challenge - Tour de France Infographic

Maven Analytics, an online learning platform for data analytics, offered a data challenge to create an infographic for the Tour de France. This was a fun competition to work on and I am very pleased to say that my submission was chosen as the winner of the challenge. The goal was to educate and provide context to the event to increase viewership outside of Europe, where most viewership currently comes from. The dataset consisted of four csv files with 31 fields providing information on stages, tours, finishers, and winners from it's beginning in 1903 through the 2022 race. 

My approach to this challenge was to create a single scrollable webpage providing an infographic-style visual. I used stages set up with icons in the road to highlight key features: The event, history, course details, distance, speed, and concluding with an index to document sources used outside of the provided dataset. I provided measurements in both metric and imperial system, making it easier for viewers from around the world to relate to the information presented. I also added context to the metrics by providing relative measurements to objects or events that may be more relatable.

The data cleaning, analysis, and visuals were done in Power BI then Canva was used for additional images and to put it all together in the final infographic style webpage. Read about the data challenge at Maven Analytics and view my full project by clicking the image below.


Google Data Analytics Program Capstone Project- Tableau Dashboard

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certification program culminated with a case study. The goal was to analyze a set of fitness tracker data, specified in the project guidelines and available on Kaggle, and supplement the data as needed to draw meaningful conclusions about activity trends in order to inform marketing strategy of one chosen Bellabeat product. The final outcome was to be a shareable presentation in a format of your choosing. 

I chose to use Tableau for this project and created multiple Dashboards to present a data story by clicking through tabs, similar to flipping through a PowerPoint presentation. You can also view and interact with this presentation in Tableau Public: Bellabeat Case Study.

Cats VS Dogs- Power BI report

The goal of this report was to demonstrate some of the tools available in Power BI to visualize data with a fun topic. This data, originally sourced from, was found on Tableau Public's sample data page. I used the dataset in my first foray into creating in Tableau and later decided to re-create it using Power BI. This dataset details the ownership rates of cats and dogs in the United States.

I wanted this report to tell a story in a single page. I included short explanations above three main visuals in order to draw the reader to a conclusion. The visuals are also interactive, utilizing tooltips to display additional information and allowing interactions between the visuals. Although I would typically use a drill through to provide a deep dive into the data, here I utilized this capability to provide a photo collage.

Popular Baby Names- Power BI report and SQL database

What drew me to this project was the data. offers data on occurrences of names from 1880 to 2021 in the form of one text file for each year; 142 flat files and over 2 million rows of data. Because the data was cumbersome to work with in that state I saw the opportunity to practice some SQL skills to create a database to house these files. I used SQL scripts to import to SQL, manipulate the data and headers, and format the tables. Then I created a View to house just the data I wanted to include in this project- the years 1921-2021, and the top male and female names (now just over 4,000 rows). In Power BI I could then connect to my SQL Server Database and just select all from the View. I loved the process of taking raw data and turning it into a manageable database, and ultimately a report page to see the results.

My 2022 Reads- Power BI report

A simple dataset for this project; all the books I read in 2022, with average ratings by Goodreads. I like the simplicity of this report page. There are no fancy visuals, just a few cards (encased in book icons), a bar graph, and a table. I like to think of a report page as part art and part science. Of course you need accurate data, but the style choices carry meaning as well. I chose to keep this page in black and white, like a printed page. I wanted to keep a horizontal, left-to-right design on the page, to simulate reading lines of a book. Choosing a horizontal bar graph instead of vertical columns keeps this visual consistent with this theme while the table view offers a line-by-line natural reading layout. The font choice is Courier to keep a classic typewriter feel. 

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