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Selena Vaughn

Data Analyst

About Me

Hi, I'm Selena Vaughn. I am a business professional with more than ten years of experience working directly with corporate executives performing data analysis. I have spent the last three years working with IT to coordinate meaningful software solutions, resulting in 11 fully interactive Power BI reports, a full scale Business Glossary using Power Platform, and a comprehensive User Guide. 

I love turning data into informative visuals that tell a story and drive decisions. I made it a goal to automate tedious manual excel sheets with dynamic reports and dashboards that are more accurate, more timely, and better able to drive decisions. I like to consider three key areas for data analysis: Data Quality, Business Intelligence, and Effective Communication. You can read more about these below.

When I'm not playing with data I'm probably playing with cats (or other critters). I've rescued, fostered, or adopted more than a dozen animals in the past few years. Check out my Critters page for their stories and your daily dose of cat pictures.​​  

Data Quality

Good data builds trusted reports

  • Providing accurate, complete, and validated data for the project's requirements.

  • Ensuring consistency across all data sources.

  • Developing and implementing Data Quality Rules to ensure compliance with business rules.

Three key areas for insightful data analytics

Business Intelligence

Better reports yield better insights

  • Utilizing Power BI visuals, reports, and dashboards for in-depth analysis of data trends and discrepancies.

  • Creating dynamic reports and dashboards that empower users to interact seamlessly with their data.

  • Replacing complex Excel models with intuitive and user-friendly reports.

Effective Communication

Clear communication of insights

  • Simplifying complex concepts into clear and concise documentation to compliment BI Projects.

  • Developing a Business Glossary to establish a shared business language that supports understanding, collaboration, and communication.

  • Delivering effective visuals and presentation material with your audience in mind to ensure engagement and understanding.

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